Show 81 – feeling the blues from Germany to the USA

Welcome back folks.

This week we feature a diverse mix of blues talent from countries including Canada, the USA, Australia, Germany and Northern Ireland. Here’s the play list for you;


Global blues talent today..


John Schiessler (Germany) Bootleg Booze/Chain Gang
Paul O’Brien (Australia) One Hundred Years/Winning Hand
Ramblin Matt (England) Rollin Stone/Feel Like Going Home
Robert Burton Hubele (Canada) Eddy & Betty/A Couple of Kisses
A Ton Of Blues (USA) When It Comes To Love/This Thing I Do
Moonshine Society (USA) Bright Lights/Do What You Wanna Do
Kansas City Milkmen (N. Ireland) Can’t Be Good For Me

Enjoy the show and see you all next week.

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