Show 56 – International Blues special

Painting by Sarah Rayner of the of the late blues lengend Louisiana Red. Rest in peace


Welcome back folks.

We dedicate this show to the legendary bluesman – Louisiana Red. Louisiana Red sadly passed away in February this year. We aired a show back in August 2011 all about Red. You can listen to it here. Rest in peace.

We have some real foot-stompin’ blues for you this week.

Back by popular demand we feature some of your favourite international blues talent this week. First up,  2BLU And The Lucky Stiffs . Second the popular Al Stone. Third up, blues man Bert Deivert . Forth on the set – Dave Press . Fifth on the show – the Hitman Blues Band. Sixth we feature – Paul Lamb and the King Snakes. Seventh up is the fantastic – Charlie Glasgow . And last but not least Eddy Gartry and the Blues state UK .

Hope you enjoy the show.

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