Show 210 – the best of the Brits

Welcome back to the show. This week we feature 13 tracks from the new Krossborder komplilation vol 2 – best of British blues. Here’s the line up:

Krossborder komplilation vol 2 best of British blues Jack Hutchinson Band-Get It Back
Robin Robertson Blues Band-Long Time Dead
Gwyn Ashton-On The Borderline
Paul Lamb & Chad Strenz-The Underdog
Jo Bywater-Silence Changed
Saiichi Sugiyama-Shimmy (instrumental)
Andy Twyman-I Eat Pot Noodles With A Plastic Fork
Kat & Co-The Scene
The Mighty Boss Cats-I Need A Friend
Fran McGillvray Band-Give And Take
Space Eagle-Cold Drawn
Dr A’s Rhythm & Grooves-How They Turn

Thanks for listening. See you all next week. Copies of this excellent album can be bought from Amazon.

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