About us

Black on Blues is a podcast all about the Blues. From the Delta to Dagenham, if there’s Blues to be heard – its’ blues we will play.  We cover the entire spectrum of blues music.

Our shows showcase old and new talent, plus our host gives you the stories around the songs we know and love.

The team

Kevin Black has been a  newspaper and magazine photo-journalist for 40 years and for the past 23 years has been editor/photographer of the local Tandridge District weekly newspaper group, the County Border News series. Kevin’s photographs can be found on:www.kevinblackphotography.com

Jason has a background in all things tech and is responsible for the production of the shows, website and online marketing. Jason also appears from time to time as co-host. Jason is a keen blogger and when he’s not working on the show you can find him over on www.jasonmonty.com

About the Author